Attitude is everything

Abbie:  Sheesh Pam was in a cranky mood!

Jack: mmm. Her and a lot of other people like her.

Abbie: She’s needs an “attitude doctor”.

Jack:  Agreed. Attitude is everything – but most people don’t get it, do they?

Abbie: No.  When I see her, you know –  it’s a bit scary. I see a version of myself that might have been had I not discovered the power of the mind.  Thank goodness I now know that “attitude management” is a big part in how your life turns out.  Not that it’s always the first thing I want to do, of course. Some habits die hard.

Jack: It’s so simple on one level – and yet because of that, easy to overlook or downplay. Attitude, attitude. Attitude makes or breaks your day.

Abbie:  But she’s in my reality, right?  So what can I learn from that?

Jack:  Focus.  It’s telling you where your focus has been most recently. And probably the fact that you’ve heard Pam is uptight and the worrying-type.  You were expecting her, at some level, to be a bit difficult.  And bingo – she met your expectations.

Abbie:  Surprise, surprise, eh?  I got what I expected!

Jack: And if you continue thinking about her in that way, well of course … you know how it works….

Abbie: That’s the behavior I’m going to elicit from her.

Jack: Right.

Abbie: So what would you suggest?

Jack: Well, you know that law of attraction manages every interaction you have – every event that you experience.  When you take the time to manage your attitude – to make the best of whatever is happening – things begin to shift around you.

Abbie: I take control again.

Jack: Yes.  You take control of the only thing you actually have control over – your attitude – your state of mind.  You know that you can start imagining someone in your life behaving in the way you would prefer and thanks to our friend, Law of Attraction, that person will begin to morph to match your fantasy – the way you imagine them being when they are around you.

Abbie: Magic isn’t it?

Jack: It can certainly look that way.  But it starts with your attitude.  Attitude is everything.

Abbie: You’re such a good friend, Jack, Thanks!

Jack: Ditto


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