The way you feel

The way you feel is your point of attraction. If there was ever a single principle to understand and really integrate into your psyche – then this is it.  The way you feel is your point of attraction. This has to be the most important mind-power principle.

You are a energy magnet. The energy of your feelings determines what you attract into your experience.  In the most simple terms, when you feel good, then you attract more good feeling people and events into your life.  And when you feel “bad” ( and the many variations of that) then you attract matching people and experiences into your life.

There is no more important thing you can do than learn to manage how you feel.  How you feel is the basis of everything that comes into your life.  When you finally “get it” that you can control how you feel and thus you can control the quality of your life, this is very empowering.  You have the ability to control who and what comes into your life.

I’m not talking about the “specifics” of that – rather the “generalities” of that.
When you feel good you will attract people and events into your life that will feel good to you.

Now isn’t that worth knowing? Isn’t that worth a fortune?  I think it is. How many people  do your know personally  – or see in the media – who feel totally at the mercy of life.  They talk in terms of “I was just lucky”.   They go through various superstitious routines in the hope that this will bring them luck. They hope the stars are in their favor. Anything – except the understanding that perhaps they have control over their life.

When you understand the power of your feelings and decide to learn to manage them –  then you change the course of your life for the better. This is truly empowering.

I will be teaching principles like this, and much more, in a forth coming teleseminar series that zeros in on the amazing power of the mind. Understanding how your mind works, is one of the most important keys to your longterm happiness. Stay tuned.


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