Are you okay with where you are right now?

Are you okay with where you are right now? In other words how is your attitude about your life right now?

Are you feeling optimistic?  Are you feeling down? Discouraged?
Are you enjoying the journey? Or are you noticing problems around you? Either problems in your own life or in the lives of people around you or in the wider community and country? Are you feeling negative about certain subjects?

Are you okay with where you are right now? … is a simple yet incredibly powerful question.


Because this question gives you an insight into your state of being; your state of mind. And so important for someone who wants to be a masterful conscious creator of their life, it indicates your “current point of attraction”.  The answer to this question indicates what you have lined up in terms of desirable or undesirable situations and events in your life and the kinds of personal interactions that are on your radar.

Are you okay with where you are right now? If your answer is “yes”, does that mean your life is perfect? Does it mean that things are exactly as you’d prefer?

No – not at all.  In time you realize that “perfection” is a finite concept.  It suggests that there is nothing more to be added or improved upon. It suggests an end-point. A finishing line. Nothing more desired.

Whereas life is a progressive experience – an ongoing journey.  There is always another day.  There is always something more than calls you: some new adventure or project that you think of, that rings your bells, that excites you.

Your answer to, “Are you okay with your life right now?” – is letting you know where you focus is.  Is your focus on things you would prefer or is it on what’s missing in your life right now? A subtle but powerful distinction.

This simple question points to one of the “foundational pillars” of what it means to create your own life in a conscious way.  Asking this question of yourself alerts you, in a moment, of your state of being and your current point of attraction.

Once you are aware of how you are feeling, then you are in the driver’s seat again – energetically speaking. You can change or adjust or just tweak your focus – as required.

As a daily practice, asking this question reaps rewards far beyond the time it may take to get back into a positive state of being. It’s our choice.  It’s always our choice.

The simplicity of such choices means that most people ignore them – thinking life is meant to be harder than making simple choices.  But the “good life” ultimately consists of many moments, choices and decisions like this.

Are you okay with your life right now?


How do you have a positive impact on others?

If you really want to positively impact someone, what can you do?

Anyone who has had a good teacher or mentor understands the power of positive influence.

How do you create a positive impact on others?

A good teacher or mentor sees the best in their student or mentee. They see them succeeding. They expect them to succeed. They acknowledge improvements and success and play down mistakes and failures. They understand that learning anything new requires trial and error.  Errors are okay. They are part of life.

Someone who has a positive influence on others knows that people rise or fall to the level of your expectations of them. People behave as you expect them to behave. You extract different responses and behaviors from others based on what you expect of them.

Fun isn’t it?