Mirror mirror on the wall show me what is on the way

I was talking to a friend about practical applications of Law of Attraction.  We concluded that the bottomline is “You have to learn to manage your vibration (thoughts and feelings)” – period. Or “suffer the consequences!”

Suffer the consequences?
If you want a life that is fun, that is filled with pleasure, satisfaction, success and happiness, then you have to get your act together when it comes to “managing your vibration”.

If you don’t, what’s the alternative? Struggle, frustration, continuing irritations and escalating problems (e.g. finances, health, relationships, business, work, and so forth).  Not pretty!

So how do you get your act together when it comes to vibration?
First of all.  Realize that it’s a learning process.  It’s an incremental learning process.  And that means you will have both “successes and failures” as you are mastering this vital life skill.

Analogy – learning to ride a bike
Learning to ride a bike is an excellent analogy.  The first time you get on a bike you don’t instantly start jumping over obstacles, doing spins and turns and “no hands” acts. Of course not. What do you do? You probably somewhat tentatively hoist yourself onto the bike and start to balance.  You might even have a friend who helps to keep the bike steady. Or have extra training wheels attached for balance.  You understand that it will take some time to learn to balance and to direct the bike in the direction you want it to go.  You will of course fall off.  At times it will seem to you that the bike has a mind of its own – as it careers off to one side.  In time you find yourself gradually developing confidence.  And you find yourself developing better riding skills. With adequate practise, eventually you feel both confident and competent riding a bike.

Your mindset
This is the exact same mindset you need when learning how to  become a conscious creator who knows how to direct energy in the form of vibration (thoughts and feelings),  In the early stages you’re going to “fall off”. Things don’t necessarily turn out as you hope.  No worries. You’re a student of conscious creation.  You’re learning how to work – effectively and efficiently – with vibration and Law of Attraction.  Relax, chill!  You have a lifetime to become a masterful practitioner.

Your feelings are a vital clue
Your feelings are a vital clue. Becoming aware of how you really feel is essential – if you want to be a conscious creator.  Why? Because LOA is responding to how you are feeling in every minute.  And if you look around you, you will see “evidence” of that.  It may come in the form of a fun interaction with someone or the parking space you find easily or easy flowing traffic or a helpful shop assistant or a smiling baby or the person you want to speak to is available or you win a prize or someone buys you lunch or dinner or invites you to the movies or you get discounted tickets to a concert or an upgrade on a flight or someone offers to help you with a project you’re working on – and so on.

However if your vibration has been leaning towards the negative end of the scale then you may find yourself spilling your coffee or tearing a T-shirt or stubbing your toe or banging your head as you get out of the car or someone being short-tempered with you or the neighbor turning up the volume on their sound system or you get a parking fine or step into a hole and trip or your kids or pets are out of control or you burn dinner or your partner forgets your birthday – and so on.

What’s the common denominator?
In the first example, they are things you want.  Things that please you.  In the second example, they are things that you don’t want.  Things that don’t please you.

Both the “wanted” and the “unwanted” stuff are your “vibrational clues”.  They are “manifestational evidence”.  They are “cold, hard proof” in physical terms.  They are giving you feedback about your current vibration.  If you like what is happening around you then great!  That’s feedback that you’re on the positive end of the “emotional pendulum”.

And conversely if you don’t like what’s happening to you or around you, that’s also feedback.  And that’s great too! Why? Because it’s feedback that you are hovering more around the negative end of the “emotional pendulum” – vibrationally speaking.

Managing negative emotions
So what do you do if you find yourself on the negative – the unwanted – receiving end of vibration?  Do you stubbornly assert your “position” and “stick to your guns”? Do you do battle? Or do you pause. Take a deep breath. Smile at yourself! And then regroup to a better feeling position? Do you stop the inner struggle – the negative feelings? And turn your attention to something that makes you feel better?

Well of course, what you do is your choice.  But none of us can ignore the “manifestational feedback” we get – indefinitely.  We can try.  We can pretend it’s “not our fault”. We can play the victim – the helpless one.  But eventually we reap what we sow – again vibrationally speaking.  Negative emotions lead to negative (unwanted) results.  Positive emotions lead to positive (wanted) results.

How long will it take?
Now are you going to master this in a single day?  No way! You’ve got a lifetime to master this.  But the sooner you develop at least a reasonable level of competency, then the sooner you will begin living the life you prefer.  Is your life going to “perfect”? No way! You will continue refining your knowledge and expertise until the day you die.

Becoming more sensitive to how you feel
Become aware of how you are feeling in each moment. Become more sensitive to what you pay attention to and focus on – and to your reactions.  Listen to your emotions. They are your best friends.

Manifestations are just feedback
And remember that manifestations are not sent to punish you or test you.  They are simply a reflection – feedback – of your dominant vibration (thoughts and feelings).

It’s the same as seeing your reflection in a mirror. If you look in a mirror and see your hair is messy, you don’t shout at the mirror and tell it to tidy your hair. You get a comb and tidy your hair.

The exact same principle applies to manifestations and LOA.  Think of manifestations and LOA as your “mirrors”.  They are reflecting back to you – quite literally – what you are thinking and how you are feeling. They are reflecting your dominant vibration back to you in the form of people you meet and events in your life.

Bottomline – If you want a life you truly love then “You have to learn to manage your vibration (thoughts and feelings) – period. It’s not negotiable!  But it is well worth the effort to master. It is your key to ultimate personal freedom – be that financial, health, relationships, work, business or creatively. You can learn to control what you attract.


What have driving and law of attraction got in common?

As a trainer and mentor, I’m always looking for easy ways to explain “how law of attraction works” in our life. Analogies and metaphors are a good starting point when it comes to understanding abstract concepts like law of attraction.

What have driving and law of attraction got in common?

The analogy of “driving” is a great for understanding “how LOA works in your life”  because most people have either learnt to drive a car or know others who have. When things are happening with ease in your life, then it’s like driving in gear.  And when you are in struggle or frustration mode, then that’s like driving in reverse but expecting to go forward.  It’s simply won’t happen, will it?

When it comes to LOA, you are the one in the driver’s seat as it were. What you put out – energetically – LOA brings back to you “in kind”.  By “in kind” I’m referring to the types of people and experiences that appear in your life.  The amount of ease or frustration you experience.

Law of attraction is your mirror

When you focus your attention – when you focus your thinking  – for example – when you look for the positives in a person or situation – then you are in effect “in gear” (in the flow) and at those times you are attracting more matching people and events. “Matching” – not in a literal sense as in the exact same people and events – but “matching ” in the sense of other experiences and interactions of a positive nature that will please you. Conversely, when you are complaining, or lamenting that things aren’t  “happening” as you want them to – then you are in effect driving in reverse and wondering why you aren’t moving forward. LOA is your mirror. It mirrors your energetic output exactly. This is a subtle yet very important distinction in understanding how LOA works in your life.

Are you moving towards or away from your desires?

Often people will identify a specific person or object they want in their life. They might use a vision board or affirmations or visualize themselves with said person or object.  After all, that’s what most teach that you need to do to attract what you want. Focus on it – almost to the point of obsession.

But if you have been working with law of attraction for any length of time and especially if you are new to the idea of how it works in your like – then it’s important to understand that the feeling you have as you affirm or visualize etc – is really your key to understanding whether or not you are headed in the direction of what you want or if you are actually back tracking – moving away – energetically speaking.

Tuning into how you are “really” feeling

It takes practice to become attuned to how you are “really” feeling.  It takes practice to accurately identify the subtle feelings you have as you think about things you want. Are you “really” feeling relaxed?  Confident? Positive excitement and anticipation – much like children do as they anticipate their birthday or Xmas? Or are you actually feeling uncomfortable? Some angst?  Longing and yearning? Perhaps secretly fearing that you can’t really have what it is that you want?

How you are “really” feeling is your key to whether it’s headed your way or not. How you are “really” feeling inside, is your clue.  Not what you say you are or aren’t feeling but what you are “really” feeling.  And the more you want something, usually this is where you are most likely to trip up – to gloss over how you are really feeling. And that’s where the “real work” is. Managing and adjusting how you “really” feel on the various subjects that arise for you each day.