The words we use are powerful influencers

The words we use are powerful influencers both for ourselves and for others.

As a mentor and coach I find that often the difference between someone “understanding” a concept about how powerful our mind is – is often simply the words or examples I choose.

That’s why I make a habit of listening to my favorite teachers and mentors on a regular basis.  So often it’s a simple sentence spoken a certain way – that resonates with me – and I get one of those “aha” moments.  Other times I “think” I understand a concept and then – bingo – the neurons in my brain reassemble 🙂 – and I discover a new distinction about a familiar concept or idea.

It’s easy to switch off when we hear something that we think we already “know”.  Terms like  – law of attraction – the power of focus – the power of envisioning and dreaming – the power of feelings – the power of detachment – and others like this – encompass such a wealth of ideas.  And the more you explore these ideas the more you “understand” and can apply in your own life.

Of the terms I have mentioned above, which one resonates most with you today? Indicate your selection below in the comments area.

1. Law of attraction
2. The power of focus
3. The power of envisioning and dreaming
4. The power of feelings
5. The power of detachment

Spend a little time today pondering your selection. In what way is it powerful for you?  In what ways can you apply this in what you do today? How can you remind yourself about this concept during the day? What mental trigger ca you apply?

Have fun with this.


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