The benefits and joy of understanding how law of attraction works in your life

When you’re new to the topic of Law of Attraction it’s like any other new subject.  There are concepts, ideas and language that you may not be familiar with. Then once you start consciously applying what you’re learning you see mixed results.  That’s when it’s a great advantage to have access to a coach or mentor who can answer your questions and provide feedback on the “results” you’re getting as you apply your LOA insights.

I’ve been studying LOA specifically for more than five years now (and self help for 20 years). Over time I can see there are a number of core LOA principles that play out in every area of our life – be that money, relationships, health or work.

LOA is “neutral”. It’s doesn’t have an opinion or make any judgments about our vibration. Just like the law of gravity is neutral. It operates whether we know that such a law exists or not. Why is this important to know? Because it’s easy to beat up on yourself sometimes  – when you don’t get the “results” you thought you “should”. But just as you don’t get upset when you let go of an object and it falls to the ground because you know that “that’s how gravity works”.  Things fall to the ground.  No point in getting upset when they do. This same principle applies to law of attraction. It just is. It matches vibration – period.

This may sound a trite analogy – but believe me – it’s very common for people to get angry with themselves or with the “universe” or LOA because things aren’t manifesting as they hoped or expected.

So what to do about it? The most useful response you can have is to realize and acknowledge that everything in your life is a form of “feedback”.  What do I mean?  Everything?  Yes everything – the people, their reactions, the things, the events, and so on – are all just “feedback” for you regarding your “current dominant vibration”.  In other words, whatever the “sum” is of your vibration – whatever mix you have going on in terms of positive and negative thinking and reactions (feelings) – that equals the sum of your “current dominant vibration”.

Let me emphasize the words “current dominant vibration”. That’s quite literal.  That’s in present time.  Right now. This very moment.

And that’s also good news. Why?  Because it means that you can change your “current dominant vibration” in a twinkling of the eye – as it were.  How?  By choosing a new thought. By choosing a different topic or subject to look at or talk about or think about.  By doing something different – to distract yourself from the “old topic”.

The more I apply and make the connection between “what I’m thinking and feeling right now and what’s manifesting are directly related” – the more exciting this whole game of life is becoming.

You – me – everyone.  We are all the creators of our individual life and experiences in every detail – quite literally.  Now we don’t need to know the mechanics of how this happens – after all – that’s the job of Law of Attraction – it tends to that.  Just as we don’t need to know how a car functions mechanically – in order to drive one.

But we do need to understand certain basics about “driving” or “directing” LOA.  The primary basics are:

– our thoughts and feelings (aka vibration) determine the nature of our experience 

– law of attraction matches our vibration with absolute “neutrality”

– we each have control of our thoughts and feelings

It may take some practice on certain bothersome topics – but it’s “do-able”.  It can be changed.  And if you’re willing to make the connection between “what’s manifesting and what you’re thinking and feeling” – then it gets a lot easier and makes more sense as you consciously apply this in your life.


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