Inspirational moments

There is no faster way to lift your mood – or mental state or vibration – than being in the presence of “beauty”.  Beauty comes in many forms: music, artworks, people, nature and animals, architecture, design – are some that come to mind right now.

The work of Norwegian artist Tone Aanderaa is uplifting and inspirational. Enjoy an inspirational moment here.


Music from another realm

The music of Hans Zimmer belongs to another realm.  Listen to these two wonderfully uplifting and soaring tracks. Turn up the volume…
Injection by Hans Zimmer from Mission Impossible 2
Chevaliers de Sangreal by Hans Zimmer from The Da Vinci Code


Using biosonic music to enrich your mental, physical and spiritual well-being

Here’s a chance to listen to one of the Newest Bio-Sonic offerings from Brian E Paulson – Deep Release.

Brian’s ongoing research and musical projects are focused on the advancement of music as a powerful tool for the enrichment of one’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being. In particular, music that affects coherency of the human energy field, which plays a very important part in the well-being of each and every one of us.

Click to listen to Deep Release

What’s the secret to working successfully with LOA?

This is short… The secret to working successfully with Law of Attraction is “consistency”. What do I mean?

Well, we’ve all started things – new habits, new projects. But the key difference between someone who gets the results they want and someone who doesn’t – is follow through – keeping going – regular practice.

Daily practice is the key

“Daily practice” is what also makes the difference between seeing the results we want to manifest and seeing erratic results. It’s the daily practice – the daily rituals we set up for ourselves that remind us or alert us where we are “vibrationally speaking”.  They confirm when we are heading towards “good stuff” and they alert us when we are heading towards “unwanted stuff”.

Mental triggers

I find it very helpful to have 2-3 phrases – mental triggers –  that I can say to myself when I notice I’m moving in a negative direction – emotionally that is.  For example,

“I can choose what thought I think.”
“The more I think about it, the bigger it gets.”

I particularly love the second phrase, (“The more I think about it, the bigger it gets.”) because it gets to the heart of Law of Attraction so perfectly.

Another way of saying the same thing is:
Whatever we give our attention to, expands.
Whatever we think about regularly, becomes more noticeable in our lives.
Whatever we talk about a lot, materializes – becomes more noticeable –  in our experience.

By tending to how we are feeling throughout the day we develop a “consistent” practice that in time reaps rewards for us on all levels: peace of mind, a joyful heart, and manifestations to match. Without such consistency, however, the results we get are erratic and unsatisfying.

How can you develop a consistent practice with respect to Law of Attraction?

Discover the miraculous power of your mind with Photoreading

This week I was introduced to a whole mind approach to reading that unleashes the power of your super conscious mind. It’s called Photoreading.

What I like about this system is that at its core it acknowledges the connection between our conscious mind and our super conscious mind and develops a productive partnership between the two minds – in a systematic way.

The Photoreading system is more than learning to read at extraordinary speeds

The Photoreading system is – on the surface – teaching you to read faster than you can presently imagine. To give you an idea of the difference, the conscious mind can only handle seven pieces of information at a time, whereas the non-conscious can handle 20,000 pieces!”  But really what’s its teaching is a process for learning to trust your inner unlimited self – or your SuperConscious Mind Self.

The system shows you how to achieve the ideal state of mind for learning and for receiving anything you want. It’s purposeful, focused, and above all reinforces the importance of working with a positive frame of mind – regardless of the subject or context you are in.

Photoreading and the Law of Attraction

Photoreading dovetails beautifully with principles related to the Law of Attraction. For example, setting your state, achieving a positive frame of mind – before you do anything. If you undertake a task in a positive frame of mind – you will get vastly different results than if you to attempt the task with a negative frame of mind. The first leads to satisfaction. The second leads to frustration and struggle.

The photoreading whole mind system reminds me of when I was doing my Masters degree in Communication management.  Without realising, one of the key study skills I ‘had’ to develop to get through the sheer volume of reading and writing was efficient reading skills. I did some ad hoc speed reading courses and learnt the value of scanning and skimming, reading the front and back of book covers and the TOC as so forth.

Photoreading goes far beyond speed reading

But photoreading goes far beyond speed reading. It’s firmly grounded in an understanding that we truly do have unlimited potential and that if we rely only on our conscious mind to get us through life – we’re short-changing ourselves – much as someone might who decides that having legs and arms aren’t ‘necessary’ so refuses to use them. Crazy indeed. But we do this everyday when we deny ourselves access to our Inner resources – our Inner Being – our Superconscious Self.

Here’s an excellent video which briefly explains the 5 steps used in the photoreading whole mind reading system.

The power of beauty to transform your life

I was listening to ABC Classic FM Radio and the presenter mentioned that the famous art critic  Robert Hughes has just passed away. Robert Hughes was an Australian-born art critic, writer and television documentary maker.

One of the ‘themes’ that he referred to in his work in the world of art was that of ‘beauty’ and it’s importance as a source of inspiration.

Beauty has power

From a Law of Attraction point of view every time we focus on something beautiful – be that an artwork, music, a natural scene, another person – we immediately (and easily) lift or elevate our state of being (our vibration).

Looking for and appreciating anything of ‘beauty’ is a fast track way to improve how we feel and in so doing improve – without effort – our point of attraction.

Being aware of our point of attraction is an on-going activity

Being aware of our point of attraction is an on-going activity – not a one-off thing.  This is something that I’ve become very aware of myself – to tend to my state of being every day.  It’s very easy to slip back into old patterns of response when we look at things – or think about things – we don’t like or want in our life. But from a LOA perspective – where we put our focus or attention – or let it go to (by default) – that becomes our ‘new’ point of attraction in that moment.  And it’s up to us to decide if that’s the general direction we want to move towards.

Focus amplifies our point of attraction

Again, from a Law of Attraction perspective, our focus plus the emotional response we have – as we think about or observe something or someone – amplifies our point of attraction.This applies to everyone – regardless of whether or not they know about – or believe in – Law of Attraction. And every single one of us is learning to harness and direct energy – in the form of our thoughts and feelings.  We’re learning that we create with energy.  We’re learning that thoughts and feelings – the world of the unseen – is the precursor of the seen world of manifestation.

Tuning into high moving energies

And ‘beauty’ is a focal point that’s easy to tune to.  It’s an easy way to feel good within moments – as we contemplate something ‘beautiful’. Beauty, love, and appreciation, are high moving energies that tune us to our true nature.  Understanding that ‘beauty’ is a tool that we can apply every day – as we look at a sunrise or sunset, a flower or plant, or a natural scene – whether it is actually in our experience or whether we are looking at a video or a movie or a photograph – or simply imagining or remembering something of ‘beauty’.

Robert Hughes no doubt experienced the great positive power of ‘beauty’ in the course of his life’s work.  And he inspired many others to do likewise. We too can utilize the power of beauty in our life.

The value of recognizing how you’re feeling in the moment

I’m currently staying with a friend in SE Qld.

It so happens she’s participating in a “Tapping” webinar series. So I’m tapping along with her while I’m there. And it’s been a great reminder for me of just how valuable “tapping” is.

Tapping is an EFT technique

“Tapping” is used by practitioners of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ). There are the usual variations on how the topic is taught – but at its core – EFT is about being in the moment – feeling in the moment – bringing your awareness to how you’re feeling in the present moment.

Why is “present moment” awareness so important?

As I’ve been tapping along this week, I’ve realized how easy it’s been for me to dismiss or overlook certain “negative” feeling states I’ve been carrying on certain topics. And the up-shot has been (of course) that those conditions stay active in my life. That’s the energy I’m projecting – so from a Law of Attraction perspective – that’s what I’m getting back.  The energy I’m projecting returns to me – as a form of feedback (not criticism).

What I’m reminded to do as I’m tapping  is to tune into feelings that can often be “under the surface on awareness” – but that are still impacting my life – for better or worse. EFT validates whatever feeling state you’re in.  In fact part of the EFT process “insists” that you make peace with however you’re feeling.  You give yourself permission to be human – to feel – both negative and positive emotions. You drop self criticism and self judgment.

A simple healing process

If I were to summarize the EFT methodology it would be as follows: Recognize, Accept, Forgive, Change.

Let me elaborate a little.

1. Recognize. Recognize how you’re feeling right now. Are you in a positive or negative frame of mind? Are you feeling relaxed? Or more irritated or anxious? Or some other variation of positive/ negative feelings.

2. Accept. Accept whatever thoughts and feelings are surfacing for you – accept them without judgment – without self condemnation.

3. Forgive.  This can be forgiveness of others – but more often than not it’s really about forgiving ourselves. Too often we judge ourselves harshly for not doing or achieving certain things, making mistakes, falling short of some ‘standard’, etc. We pressure ourselves to do more than we really feel like doing. We think we have to look good to others. We don’t really believe that we can be just ourselves and be loved and accepted for that.

4. Change. Change is about consciously choosing to think better feeling thoughts. Dropping the negative thinking and making a deliberate effort to look for the positives in ourselves, or another person, or a situation. It’s about changing our habitual reaction to ourselves or others or unwanted situations.

Change is really about envisioning – dreaming – imagining  – something new. We choose to respond in a new way to an existing condition.  We choose to look at ourselves or at another person or at a situation in a new light – with different eyes.

As we tend to how we feel every day and we make peace with limiting thoughts and feelings that lie seemingly “hidden” beneath our conscious awareness what happens is that we feel our bodies begin to relax.  The muscles relax.  The shoulders relax.  The fingers unfurl – they relax.  Tension begins to fall away.  A lightness of being replaces the tension in our bodies.

Faster EFT by Robert Smith

If you’re interested in learning more about EFT I can highly recommend the work of Robert Smith and his EFT methodology called “Faster EFT”.

Robert is a master teacher.  And he’s also a master NLP practitioner. He knows how to get to the heart of the mind-feeling-body connection. He knows how to clear limiting beliefs and emotional issues with the minimum of effort (trauma) – and the maximum positive results. Read about Robert Smith here.