The value of recognizing how you’re feeling in the moment

I’m currently staying with a friend in SE Qld.

It so happens she’s participating in a “Tapping” webinar series. So I’m tapping along with her while I’m there. And it’s been a great reminder for me of just how valuable “tapping” is.

Tapping is an EFT technique

“Tapping” is used by practitioners of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ). There are the usual variations on how the topic is taught – but at its core – EFT is about being in the moment – feeling in the moment – bringing your awareness to how you’re feeling in the present moment.

Why is “present moment” awareness so important?

As I’ve been tapping along this week, I’ve realized how easy it’s been for me to dismiss or overlook certain “negative” feeling states I’ve been carrying on certain topics. And the up-shot has been (of course) that those conditions stay active in my life. That’s the energy I’m projecting – so from a Law of Attraction perspective – that’s what I’m getting back.  The energy I’m projecting returns to me – as a form of feedback (not criticism).

What I’m reminded to do as I’m tapping  is to tune into feelings that can often be “under the surface on awareness” – but that are still impacting my life – for better or worse. EFT validates whatever feeling state you’re in.  In fact part of the EFT process “insists” that you make peace with however you’re feeling.  You give yourself permission to be human – to feel – both negative and positive emotions. You drop self criticism and self judgment.

A simple healing process

If I were to summarize the EFT methodology it would be as follows: Recognize, Accept, Forgive, Change.

Let me elaborate a little.

1. Recognize. Recognize how you’re feeling right now. Are you in a positive or negative frame of mind? Are you feeling relaxed? Or more irritated or anxious? Or some other variation of positive/ negative feelings.

2. Accept. Accept whatever thoughts and feelings are surfacing for you – accept them without judgment – without self condemnation.

3. Forgive.  This can be forgiveness of others – but more often than not it’s really about forgiving ourselves. Too often we judge ourselves harshly for not doing or achieving certain things, making mistakes, falling short of some ‘standard’, etc. We pressure ourselves to do more than we really feel like doing. We think we have to look good to others. We don’t really believe that we can be just ourselves and be loved and accepted for that.

4. Change. Change is about consciously choosing to think better feeling thoughts. Dropping the negative thinking and making a deliberate effort to look for the positives in ourselves, or another person, or a situation. It’s about changing our habitual reaction to ourselves or others or unwanted situations.

Change is really about envisioning – dreaming – imagining  – something new. We choose to respond in a new way to an existing condition.  We choose to look at ourselves or at another person or at a situation in a new light – with different eyes.

As we tend to how we feel every day and we make peace with limiting thoughts and feelings that lie seemingly “hidden” beneath our conscious awareness what happens is that we feel our bodies begin to relax.  The muscles relax.  The shoulders relax.  The fingers unfurl – they relax.  Tension begins to fall away.  A lightness of being replaces the tension in our bodies.

Faster EFT by Robert Smith

If you’re interested in learning more about EFT I can highly recommend the work of Robert Smith and his EFT methodology called “Faster EFT”.

Robert is a master teacher.  And he’s also a master NLP practitioner. He knows how to get to the heart of the mind-feeling-body connection. He knows how to clear limiting beliefs and emotional issues with the minimum of effort (trauma) – and the maximum positive results. Read about Robert Smith here.


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