The power of beauty to transform your life

I was listening to ABC Classic FM Radio and the presenter mentioned that the famous art critic  Robert Hughes has just passed away. Robert Hughes was an Australian-born art critic, writer and television documentary maker.

One of the ‘themes’ that he referred to in his work in the world of art was that of ‘beauty’ and it’s importance as a source of inspiration.

Beauty has power

From a Law of Attraction point of view every time we focus on something beautiful – be that an artwork, music, a natural scene, another person – we immediately (and easily) lift or elevate our state of being (our vibration).

Looking for and appreciating anything of ‘beauty’ is a fast track way to improve how we feel and in so doing improve – without effort – our point of attraction.

Being aware of our point of attraction is an on-going activity

Being aware of our point of attraction is an on-going activity – not a one-off thing.  This is something that I’ve become very aware of myself – to tend to my state of being every day.  It’s very easy to slip back into old patterns of response when we look at things – or think about things – we don’t like or want in our life. But from a LOA perspective – where we put our focus or attention – or let it go to (by default) – that becomes our ‘new’ point of attraction in that moment.  And it’s up to us to decide if that’s the general direction we want to move towards.

Focus amplifies our point of attraction

Again, from a Law of Attraction perspective, our focus plus the emotional response we have – as we think about or observe something or someone – amplifies our point of attraction.This applies to everyone – regardless of whether or not they know about – or believe in – Law of Attraction. And every single one of us is learning to harness and direct energy – in the form of our thoughts and feelings.  We’re learning that we create with energy.  We’re learning that thoughts and feelings – the world of the unseen – is the precursor of the seen world of manifestation.

Tuning into high moving energies

And ‘beauty’ is a focal point that’s easy to tune to.  It’s an easy way to feel good within moments – as we contemplate something ‘beautiful’. Beauty, love, and appreciation, are high moving energies that tune us to our true nature.  Understanding that ‘beauty’ is a tool that we can apply every day – as we look at a sunrise or sunset, a flower or plant, or a natural scene – whether it is actually in our experience or whether we are looking at a video or a movie or a photograph – or simply imagining or remembering something of ‘beauty’.

Robert Hughes no doubt experienced the great positive power of ‘beauty’ in the course of his life’s work.  And he inspired many others to do likewise. We too can utilize the power of beauty in our life.


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