Discover the miraculous power of your mind with Photoreading

This week I was introduced to a whole mind approach to reading that unleashes the power of your super conscious mind. It’s called Photoreading.

What I like about this system is that at its core it acknowledges the connection between our conscious mind and our super conscious mind and develops a productive partnership between the two minds – in a systematic way.

The Photoreading system is more than learning to read at extraordinary speeds

The Photoreading system is – on the surface – teaching you to read faster than you can presently imagine. To give you an idea of the difference, the conscious mind can only handle seven pieces of information at a time, whereas the non-conscious can handle 20,000 pieces!”  But really what’s its teaching is a process for learning to trust your inner unlimited self – or your SuperConscious Mind Self.

The system shows you how to achieve the ideal state of mind for learning and for receiving anything you want. It’s purposeful, focused, and above all reinforces the importance of working with a positive frame of mind – regardless of the subject or context you are in.

Photoreading and the Law of Attraction

Photoreading dovetails beautifully with principles related to the Law of Attraction. For example, setting your state, achieving a positive frame of mind – before you do anything. If you undertake a task in a positive frame of mind – you will get vastly different results than if you to attempt the task with a negative frame of mind. The first leads to satisfaction. The second leads to frustration and struggle.

The photoreading whole mind system reminds me of when I was doing my Masters degree in Communication management.  Without realising, one of the key study skills I ‘had’ to develop to get through the sheer volume of reading and writing was efficient reading skills. I did some ad hoc speed reading courses and learnt the value of scanning and skimming, reading the front and back of book covers and the TOC as so forth.

Photoreading goes far beyond speed reading

But photoreading goes far beyond speed reading. It’s firmly grounded in an understanding that we truly do have unlimited potential and that if we rely only on our conscious mind to get us through life – we’re short-changing ourselves – much as someone might who decides that having legs and arms aren’t ‘necessary’ so refuses to use them. Crazy indeed. But we do this everyday when we deny ourselves access to our Inner resources – our Inner Being – our Superconscious Self.

Here’s an excellent video which briefly explains the 5 steps used in the photoreading whole mind reading system.


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