What’s the secret to working successfully with LOA?

This is short… The secret to working successfully with Law of Attraction is “consistency”. What do I mean?

Well, we’ve all started things – new habits, new projects. But the key difference between someone who gets the results they want and someone who doesn’t – is follow through – keeping going – regular practice.

Daily practice is the key

“Daily practice” is what also makes the difference between seeing the results we want to manifest and seeing erratic results. It’s the daily practice – the daily rituals we set up for ourselves that remind us or alert us where we are “vibrationally speaking”.  They confirm when we are heading towards “good stuff” and they alert us when we are heading towards “unwanted stuff”.

Mental triggers

I find it very helpful to have 2-3 phrases – mental triggers –  that I can say to myself when I notice I’m moving in a negative direction – emotionally that is.  For example,

“I can choose what thought I think.”
“The more I think about it, the bigger it gets.”

I particularly love the second phrase, (“The more I think about it, the bigger it gets.”) because it gets to the heart of Law of Attraction so perfectly.

Another way of saying the same thing is:
Whatever we give our attention to, expands.
Whatever we think about regularly, becomes more noticeable in our lives.
Whatever we talk about a lot, materializes – becomes more noticeable –  in our experience.

By tending to how we are feeling throughout the day we develop a “consistent” practice that in time reaps rewards for us on all levels: peace of mind, a joyful heart, and manifestations to match. Without such consistency, however, the results we get are erratic and unsatisfying.

How can you develop a consistent practice with respect to Law of Attraction?


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