The gift of perspective

I’ve just listened to an interesting clip from Abraham-Hicks (link below) where Abe is talking to a man deeply entrenched in his pessimistic worldview. You can hear his sense of powerlessness – and anger – as he speaks. But Abraham reminds him – or more likely – the audience – that life is about choices – and perspectives. We get to choose what perspectives we hold.

It makes me appreciate the gift Abraham – and others like them – have given us – with their uplifting and empowering positive message (perspective) of life. We create (attract) the life we are living. For most, that attraction is unintentional. They’re not aware that their thoughts and emotions (aka their vibration) are contributing factors in what they are attracting.

Like many, I’ve had highs and lows in life – bouts of pessimism and gloom – as well and great optimism. Fortunately the optimism has prevailed. My natural sense of curiosity and enthusiasm have stood me in good stead.

More than anything else our attitude – and I include in ‘attitude’ – our thoughts and emotions – the way we react to life and events – our attitude is entirely in our control.  And depending on the attitude we choose – on a consistent basis – Law of Attraction (LOA) mirrors back to us “proof” of our attitude.

IOW – ‘we get what we expect’.  If we expect things to turn out well, then that’s what happens.  And conversely, if we expect things to turn out poorly – that’s also what happens.  This understanding – alone – is so tremendously powerful. Life is our mirror!

Law of Attraction is responding to us in every detail.  There are ‘no accidents’.  There are only perspectives – and choices. What choices are you making today? What attitude are you cultivating?

Listen to the Abraham-Hicks clip here.


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