How can I be more abundant?

How many times have you heard yourself or someone ask, “How can I be more abundant?” However, implied in the question is a misunderstanding. It points to a belief that we lack abundance right now.

How so? The question seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But the thinking behind it –  will actually lead to unwanted results – because the thinking – the belief – is one of “lack”.

So when someone asks, “How can I be more abundant?” – if you understand how Law of Attraction “works” – then you won’t be surprised to hear that that’s what LOA is going to deliver “more of” – a lack of abundance! LOA will match the dominant thought or feeling implied in the question.

Arrrgh you might be thinking (with a hint of frustration?). Or ah-ha – (in a moment of enlightenment).

The “reality” is that we are already abundant. We have access to unlimited abundance. We have access to the power that creates world. We don’t need to “learn” how to be more abundant.

It’s this kind of subtle distinction that makes all the difference to what manifests in our life. It takes a degree of “effort” to examine the real thought or feeling behind a question like “How can I be more abundant?”  But the pay-off can be big-time.

So what’s a better question? Here are two…

“What am I defining abundance to be?” or “What are different ways that I can be abundant?”

Do you see how these questions reveal a different focus? Do you see how the second one in particular assumes that you’re already abundant and that you’re interested in expanding your current experience of abundance?

Now that kind of focus leads to a totally different result! It leads you in the direction you really do want to be going, doesn’t it?

So what are different ways in which you can experience abundance? Here are a few suggestions to get you in the flow (other than the most common definition of abundance – that of money):

  • someone gives you something
  • you find something
  • you get a great idea
  • a great feeling body
  • a clear mind
  • wonderful friendships or relationships
  • a beautiful scene
  • a smile from a stranger
  • a helpful shop assistant
  • a great meal
  • an easy flight

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