If you don’t change your thoughts


If you don’t change your thoughts (what you think), then nothing in your life can change.

I’ve just listened to a clip from Abraham-Hicks from 2007. The information is timeless. One of their recurring themes is helping us to understand – and take action – to manage our thoughts – what we are thinking – on a daily basis. And the shortest route – the easiest way – is to begin to notice how we are feeling.

There’s a direct link between what we’re feeling and the thought behind the feeling. “I can do that!” feels a whole lot better than “I’m hopeless at that”. “I can change my life for the better” feels a whole lot better than “I can’t change my life, I’m at the mercy of fate or my partner or the economy…..”

Thoughts create. It really is that “simple”.

So why don’ we take that knowledge to heart and make it work in our favor? You’ve guessed it!  Habit. Habitual ways of thinking. Beliefs, attitudes and opinions we’ve collected over the years – that we “feel comfortable with thinking”.

Habits feel comfortable. They feel normal. They feel familiar – like old friends. They’re predictable. They represent the “known”…. we know them well. And they’re convenient. They save time. Imagine having to consciously recall every step required to drive – or write – or use a computer.  So habits serve us well in many areas.

But there are areas where habits actually limit us – they keep us stuck in the same old reality – the same old life. Change comes about when we change our habits – when we change our thinking – when we change our expectations of ourself and of our life.

Unfortunately change doesn’t feel “comfortable”.  In fact it usually feels “uncomfortable” – awkward – unnatural.  We feel self conscious. We aren’t (yet) sure or convinced that the new habit is going to pay off for us.  We need to hang-in – to persist – to keep going.  For how long? Until see begin to see the desired change in our life. Until the new way of thinking begins to feel “normal” or “natural” or “comfortable” to us – as comfortable as the “old thinking” felt. And we begin to see concrete changes appearing in our life.

Everyone of us has areas in our life where we’d like improvement.  And we know that this will always be the case. Growth is second nature to us. The part that I think we forget – too easily – is that if we continue to look at our current reality – our current life or circumstances – and we have the same habitual reactions to it – the same thoughts and feelings about it – then we aren’t going to see anything change in the situation.

We have to find a way to “look beyond” the current situation – to imagine a different scenario – and to hold that new vision – the thoughts and feelings associated with that new vision – until our reality begins to morph into the vision – and we feel the exhilaration of seeing the changes come about. We did it. We changed our thoughts. We let out feelings guide us.

Here’s the Abraham-Hicks clip I mentioned earlier. Wonderfully clear. What they are saying applies to every subject (not just health).


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