You get what you expect – period

You get what you expect – period!! I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “you get what you expect”.

In fact it’s pretty well accepted when teaching young children – or teenagers – or adults –  that they rise or fall to the level of expectation of their teachers or parents or managers. How is this so?

Let’s look at it from a Law of Attraction perspective. What you think about – what you talk about – what you ponder or dwell on – becomes your “point of attraction’. That’s where your energy is.

Your thoughts establish your “point of attraction”.  And – one way of knowing what your point of attraction is – at any time – to tune into how you’re feeling (see end of post for more on this – ** The thought-emotion link).

The main thesis of this post is – “you get what you expect”.  If you expect a partner or friend or colleague to behave in a positive way – then – voila – that’s the vibration you’re “putting out” – that’s the vibration that LOA is going to respond to – and that’s the type of behavior (from others) that you’re gong to experience in your life. Their behavior (good and bad – desirable or undesirable) will “match” your expectations (what you think will or won’t happen).

It has nothing to do with what others are “doing”.  Sorry! It hasn’t. You can say it does.  You can pretend it does.  But it doesn’t.  It’s all about YOU/ US. It’s all about our own vibration.  It’s all about where we are focusing – where – or what we are paying attention to. The bottom line is that we control the types of people (their behaviors) that we “rendezvous” with. That can be either “good news” or “bad news” when you finally accept it.

The challenge is to “give up” our current point of view – how we are seeing others and our reality right now (if it’s not what we prefer) – and to lightly shift our focus – to the reality we prefer.  And when we’re “ready” – we will actually do this. We will do it when “being right” is less important than “:being happy”.  But that’s the subject of another post 🙂

** The thought-emotion link

Your thoughts trigger corresponding emotions. How you’re feeling – your emotional state of being – is the easiest way of figuring out your “point of attraction”. It’s “easy” – once you’ve learnt to do this. You can learn to recognize – in a twinkling of the eye –  if you’re feeling good or if you’re “not feeling good”. “Not good” translates into feeling states like “uncomfortable, impatient, anxious, critical, fearful” and so forth. There’s usually some degree of tension or discomfort present.

By contrast “feeling good” states include states like:feeling relaxed, comfortable, having positive expectations, feeling at peace with yourself, peaceful, happy, and so forth.


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