Life of Pi

Have you ever been transported into another world – thanks to a wondrous tale?

I know I have – many times.

Books and movies are two extremely powerful mediums for sparking the imagination.

Last week I went to see the newly released movie, Life of Pi. I saw it in 3D.

I was expecting something out of the ordinary – when I saw the Director was the talented contemporary filmmaker, Ang Lee. What an adventure! What a drama! What a tale!

life-of-pi-1Ang Lee directed another movie I also thoroughly enjoyed.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

What I particularly enjoyed in Life of Pi

Here are some of the things I particularly enjoyed in this movie:

– Themes that were explored in a lightly humorous way (e.g. as a child Pi enthusiastically embraced three religions simultaneously – much to the concern of his father)
– The spectacular cinematography – the seascapes and skyscapes – showcasing Gaia in her beauty and awe
– The “choice of two endings” offered the viewer
– The wonderful soundtrack

If you’d like to spend 2 delightful hours in an alternate reality, then I highly recommend seeing Life of Pi in 3D. Read about it here – Life of Pi