3 critical building blocks for successful living

Because I work in the area of sales and marketing and I’m naturally curious about “what makes the difference between success and – I won’t say “failure” – rather – the difference between “success and mediocrity” – I pay attention to leaders and achievers in this area.

Last night as I was checking some of my favourite YouTube subscriptions I “happened to see” a  link to some of Brian Tracey’s clips. Brain Tracey has developed a large fan base in sales training over the past 20 years ago.

There was one clip that caught my eye – see below, It was a topic that is critically important to all sales people – and in fact to all people – but that doesn’t usually get as much discussion as the more mundane sales topics like “time management, being organised, having goals, learning to close”, etc.

Anyone who succeeds in sales comes to realize – eventually – that more than any other factor – “mindset” – is what puts the high achievers in a different playing field.

In the two short clips below, Tracy looks at sales from another angle that is intimately linked to “mindset” – but that gets far less “air-time” in sales books and training.

Watch the clips and hear what he has to say. It’s so important for success in any endeavor and with anything in life –  not just for improving sales skills.

Part 1

Part 2


Managing your vibration is like cleaning your teeth

clean-teeth1How so you ask?

Because it’s something that you need to “do every day”! If you skip a day or so – then your reality begins to mirror back to you your “lack of attention”.

Yes, on one level it can seem tedious – but that’s the way it is.  Your vibration is a living, breathing force-field that emanates from your being.

What you choose to think about – what you choose to focus on – and pay attention to – shapes your vibration – for “better or worse”.

Just as plaque will accumulate on your teeth if you don’t brush and floss every day, so too negative thinking and emotions “accumulate” in your energy field (force-field) to a point where you begin to see unwanted “physical evidence” around you.

What form does this “evidence take?

The interactions you have with others and what they say to you – is always an instant clue.  The kinds of events you encounter is another good clue.

In my experience, when I begin noticing “unwanted” stuff in my life, it’s usually because I’ve become somewhat complacent with respect to my vibration.  I’ve let my attention go to “unwanted” stuff – and allowed myself to think and chew over it.

Fortunately these days I understand that “my vibration” is the basis for all things that come into my experience – both good and bad.  And I  know how to “pattern interrupt” an emerging negative tide.

This was brought home to me today – when I saw a young woman venting her anger at someone she was contacting on the phone (tele-sales). She had no idea that the person she was interacting with matched her own vibration at some level. Like most people, she believes that life is happening “outside of her” – that she is at the “effect” (mercy) of people and events. She doesn’t know that it’s an “inside job”.

Her attitude is very common and comes from a place of disempowerment.  I’s no wonder that people “lash out” in their sense of powerlessness.

Your vibration is the key

vibration1One of the greatest “gifts” about learning about how Law of Attraction (vibration) “works” in your life, is that once you “get it” – then you reclaim your personal power.  You realize that you are in control because you are the one who chooses what you focus on (give your attention to).

The more you practice being in positive states of being and actively choosing what you give your attention to – the more you feel empowered because you get to see those positive states played out in your life and experience very quickly.

Developing your mental muscles

I’m not going to say that it’s “easy”.  It does take practice to develop new “mental muscles” – new mental / emotional habits and responses –  when you may have spent years with counter productive habits (blaming others, the world, etc). But it’s certainly worth the effort because of the improved quality of life that results if you do.  And in time, it becomes fun to catch yourself  “in the act” – and to recalibrate (adjust) your vibration in an upward direction. Very empowering.