3 critical building blocks for successful living

Because I work in the area of sales and marketing and I’m naturally curious about “what makes the difference between success and – I won’t say “failure” – rather – the difference between “success and mediocrity” – I pay attention to leaders and achievers in this area.

Last night as I was checking some of my favourite YouTube subscriptions I “happened to see” a  link to some of Brian Tracey’s clips. Brain Tracey has developed a large fan base in sales training over the past 20 years ago.

There was one clip that caught my eye – see below, It was a topic that is critically important to all sales people – and in fact to all people – but that doesn’t usually get as much discussion as the more mundane sales topics like “time management, being organised, having goals, learning to close”, etc.

Anyone who succeeds in sales comes to realize – eventually – that more than any other factor – “mindset” – is what puts the high achievers in a different playing field.

In the two short clips below, Tracy looks at sales from another angle that is intimately linked to “mindset” – but that gets far less “air-time” in sales books and training.

Watch the clips and hear what he has to say. It’s so important for success in any endeavor and with anything in life –  not just for improving sales skills.

Part 1

Part 2


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