Using sound technology for personal change

What are some obvious benefits of sound technology?

One of the major benefits of using sound technology is in achieving a quietened mind in near record time. With practice, 10-15 minutes can do it. How often do you find yourself in a stressful situation or stressful state of mind? What do you do about it?

If you’re wanting to sleep and you have an overly active mind, your chances of a good’s night’s sleep are pretty much nil.

Something has triggered a seemingly non-stop barrage of mental “yamma-yamma”. It’s as if you have no control over the thoughts that are racing through your mind. Fearful or worried thoughts increase in their intensity – circling round and round in your mind. And your imagination kicks in with matching images and scenes for added effects!

No wonder some people resort to drugs or alcohol to dull unwanted mental chaos. But that’s a very temporary solution. Prolonged use can result in addiction.

What are healthier alternatives for achieving a relaxed state of mind?

Listening to specially recorded sound waves such as Alpha or Theta or Delta waves can work wonders in minutes. (use headphones to get the full benefits).

Your brain oscillates a varying frequencies – naturally

When you’re in a creative state (in the zone) – for example engrossed in something you enjoy such a playing an instrument or drawing or writing or cooking or simply concentrating on some task at hand – your brain is oscillating at an Alpha frequency and often goes into a deeper and slower Theta frequency.

Prior to sleep, your brain naturally oscillates at a “theta” brainwave pattern.

When you’re actually sleeping, your brain oscillates at a “delta” brainwave frequency.

I’ve been using brainwave technology for a number of years. I love it!

I use Alpha, Theta and Delta brainwave technology on a regular basis to quieten my mind.

With a quiet and relaxed mental state I can think more clearly. Ideas come. Solutions appear. Creativity is enhanced. I prepare myself for a good night’s rest using Theta and Delta waves.  In fact I can have a quick nap of just 10-15 minutes and feel refreshed. It’s a way to turn off the “yamma yamma” of daily life and retreat to an inner sanctum to rejuvenate myself – easily.

These days you can buy brainwave tracks that also have ambient music overlays.

Visit Mediafire and download two free tracks. The Alpha track explains how to get the most out of the experience. The Delta track is wonderful to just play in the background as you’re working on a computer.

Download the Alpha track here.
Download the Delta track here.

Also visit BrainSync for an excellent range of low-cost brainwave audios. They even have some free samples.

Do yourself – and your mind – a big favour. Start listening to brainwave technology on a daily basis and begin to feel and see the difference – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Visit Brainsync here.




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