Get your brain into shape with Lumosity

Today I discovered a new site that has been created to train your brain. It’s a project called the “human cognition” project.

“Train your brain with Lumosity, the personal trainer designed by scientists.”

Lumosity - Brain Games & Brain Training

No kidding – it works. I spent 10 minutes doing some “brain training” – and could feel the effects. It was as if my brain had had a very vigorous massage.

When you understand the benefits of actively stimulating your neurology – creating new neural pathways – making new connections – in fun and interesting ways – a site like this becomes more than just a set of games to play.

Having read Dr Jo Dispenza’s book, Breaking the habit of being yourself, and halfway through his earlier book, Evolve your brain, the state of your neurology plays a major factor in your overall health and well-being.

For example, by concentrating as you play the games at Lumosity, you are also strengthening your general ability to concentrate in other areas of your life – including self improvement and business development.

Try the free account. Check how your brain feels before and after you do some of the exercises..