How will you play in the next chapter of human consciousness?

The human mind is ever evolving and innately stretches into new domains of consciousness.  For many years I have followed the highly original work of Darryl Anka and the teachings of Bashar – who lives on a different dimension and communicates with interested others on Earth – through Darryl.

For many years Bashar has spoken about a time when we, on planet Earth, will have “open contact” with highly evolved, friendly beings from other dimensions.

Are you ready to evolve from homo sapiens to homo galacticus?

Watch and listen as Bashar talks about the period “After Disclosure” – when it will be widely known and accepted that we are not alone in the multi-verses. The message is reassuring, uplifting – and points to a truly exciting time of growth and evolution for each of us ready and willing to be open to this message.

Share this clip with others of like mind.

Bashar After Disclosure



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