The core message of Abraham-Hicks remains the same and yet continues to evolve

This year I am noticing two key themes.

1. The role ‘receptivity’ plays in our experience

Our receptivity is the frequency we are tuning into and broadcasting at any point in time. It indicates our state of “alignment” (or misalignment).

We are like a radio station

radiotower2What are you tuned to emotionally? To things that please you? That inspire you? That make you feel good? Or to things that worry you? Make you feel anxious or unsafe or fearful?

Where is your attention? What are you generally thinking about?

These are all clues about your “receptivity” – the frequency you are broadcasting – the frequency you are tuned to.

And whatever frequency (vibration) you are tuned to – is what you are attracting more of into your experience.

Our work as conscious creators is to become more aware of our “receptivity”. How we are feeling and what we are thinking about on a day to day basis. And to make changes accordingly – at an emotional level. To pay more attention to good feeling topics and pay less attention to negative feeling topics. This is the work.

2. The theme of living life “unconditionally”

Choosing to see the best in yourself, in others, and in the world

sun1This theme requires a paradigm shift in how we think and how we see the world and ourselves. Rather than reacting to what we see or hear around us – can we set our own “tone”? Can we choose the state of being we prefer? Can we look to the “bigger picture” – our preferred reality? Or are we puppets on a string – reacting to the external world (media, events, people).

Hope these ideas have inspired some of your own thoughts on these topics. Comments are always welcome.