The core message of Abraham-Hicks remains the same and yet continues to evolve

This year I am noticing two key themes.

1. The role ‘receptivity’ plays in our experience

Our receptivity is the frequency we are tuning into and broadcasting at any point in time. It indicates our state of “alignment” (or misalignment).

We are like a radio station

radiotower2What are you tuned to emotionally? To things that please you? That inspire you? That make you feel good? Or to things that worry you? Make you feel anxious or unsafe or fearful?

Where is your attention? What are you generally thinking about?

These are all clues about your “receptivity” – the frequency you are broadcasting – the frequency you are tuned to.

And whatever frequency (vibration) you are tuned to – is what you are attracting more of into your experience.

Our work as conscious creators is to become more aware of our “receptivity”. How we are feeling and what we are thinking about on a day to day basis. And to make changes accordingly – at an emotional level. To pay more attention to good feeling topics and pay less attention to negative feeling topics. This is the work.

2. The theme of living life “unconditionally”

Choosing to see the best in yourself, in others, and in the world

sun1This theme requires a paradigm shift in how we think and how we see the world and ourselves. Rather than reacting to what we see or hear around us – can we set our own “tone”? Can we choose the state of being we prefer? Can we look to the “bigger picture” – our preferred reality? Or are we puppets on a string – reacting to the external world (media, events, people).

Hope these ideas have inspired some of your own thoughts on these topics. Comments are always welcome.


Do you need to take a “chill pill”?

Do you need to take a “chill pill”?

All too often we get caught up in the hectic nature of our modern lives. We forget that life is a “process”. It’s a “never-ending story” .

BTW – have you seen that delightful movie of the same name? The Never Ending Story is the story of a young boy who escapes into a wondrous fantasy world through the pages of a mysterious book.

cover-TheNeverEndingStoryHow do you know if you are due for a “chill pill”?

Obvious clues include:

– Trying to control people around you. E.g. setting “rules” about what you consider is “appropriate behaviour” (put your clothes away, wash up your mess, put the toilet seat down, don’t turn on the water when I’m having a shower, don’t talk so loud, don’t – don’t – don’t  ….)  I’m sure you can add lots more examples.

– Trying to “manage” (aka control) events and circumstances around you.

What’s the net effect of such “commands” (disguised as “reasonable requests”)?

The relationship loses out.  How so?

Both parties feel constrained in some way. The one “asking” feels sufficiently compelled to voice their annoyance regarding the “undesirable” behaviour and the person getting the “order” – feels a lack of personal freedom.

Is this a good recipe for human interaction?

In my view – no!

Is this a typical type of interaction between people (couples, parents and children, work colleagues)?

Too often – yes.

Let’s look at this from a Law of Attraction (LOA) perspective

What are you “putting out”?

Disguise it as you may – essentially any attempt to get another person to change their behavior to make you feel better – is a criticism or complaint regarding their present “undesirable” (in your eyes) behaviour.

How does LOA “respond”?

It matches our vibration. It matches our dominant thoughts and feelings and brings “more of the same” kind of experience to us.

So in practical terms, how might that work?  Will it solve the immediate  “problem” of the noisy or messy kid or neighbour? Maybe “yes”.  They might agree to “co-operate” with you – to “please you” (to keep the peace).

But what you’re doing is actually amplifying your “discontent” – when you “voice it”. As you focus on the “problem” – what happens? Law of Attraction matches you up with other people and events that augment your “discontent”.

Often your “discontent” is grounded in a sense of “powerlessness” in the first place – that’s why you attempt to control.  It’s a “feeble” attempt at improving your situation (how you feel).

So what can you do?

Begin to notice yourself “telling others what to do” – to make you feel better. Pause and take a deep breath.  That’s your “chill pill”. Pause. Take a deep breath. Turn your attention to the solution.  And if that’s not easy – then change the subject completely – so that at least you ease your own annoyance – rather than augment it.

The best and easiest explanation on the subject of “control” comes from the teachings of Abraham (Esther Hicks).

Watch this clip where Abraham talks about “how to deal with people who treat you badly”.

Abraham-Hicks: What to do when people treat you badly

You get what you expect – period

You get what you expect – period!! I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “you get what you expect”.

In fact it’s pretty well accepted when teaching young children – or teenagers – or adults –  that they rise or fall to the level of expectation of their teachers or parents or managers. How is this so?

Let’s look at it from a Law of Attraction perspective. What you think about – what you talk about – what you ponder or dwell on – becomes your “point of attraction’. That’s where your energy is.

Your thoughts establish your “point of attraction”.  And – one way of knowing what your point of attraction is – at any time – to tune into how you’re feeling (see end of post for more on this – ** The thought-emotion link).

The main thesis of this post is – “you get what you expect”.  If you expect a partner or friend or colleague to behave in a positive way – then – voila – that’s the vibration you’re “putting out” – that’s the vibration that LOA is going to respond to – and that’s the type of behavior (from others) that you’re gong to experience in your life. Their behavior (good and bad – desirable or undesirable) will “match” your expectations (what you think will or won’t happen).

It has nothing to do with what others are “doing”.  Sorry! It hasn’t. You can say it does.  You can pretend it does.  But it doesn’t.  It’s all about YOU/ US. It’s all about our own vibration.  It’s all about where we are focusing – where – or what we are paying attention to. The bottom line is that we control the types of people (their behaviors) that we “rendezvous” with. That can be either “good news” or “bad news” when you finally accept it.

The challenge is to “give up” our current point of view – how we are seeing others and our reality right now (if it’s not what we prefer) – and to lightly shift our focus – to the reality we prefer.  And when we’re “ready” – we will actually do this. We will do it when “being right” is less important than “:being happy”.  But that’s the subject of another post 🙂

** The thought-emotion link

Your thoughts trigger corresponding emotions. How you’re feeling – your emotional state of being – is the easiest way of figuring out your “point of attraction”. It’s “easy” – once you’ve learnt to do this. You can learn to recognize – in a twinkling of the eye –  if you’re feeling good or if you’re “not feeling good”. “Not good” translates into feeling states like “uncomfortable, impatient, anxious, critical, fearful” and so forth. There’s usually some degree of tension or discomfort present.

By contrast “feeling good” states include states like:feeling relaxed, comfortable, having positive expectations, feeling at peace with yourself, peaceful, happy, and so forth.

Emotions manifest

Thought for today – “emotions manifest”.

How are you feeling right now? Would you like “more of the same”? Or perhaps you’d prefer to change your “emotional channel”?

Such a simple principle …. the challenge is “consistency”… 🙂

Emotions are our true source of power. As we learn to manage our emotional states, we gain greater control of our life – find greater satisfaction – and tap into empowered living.

How can I be more abundant?

How many times have you heard yourself or someone ask, “How can I be more abundant?” However, implied in the question is a misunderstanding. It points to a belief that we lack abundance right now.

How so? The question seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But the thinking behind it –  will actually lead to unwanted results – because the thinking – the belief – is one of “lack”.

So when someone asks, “How can I be more abundant?” – if you understand how Law of Attraction “works” – then you won’t be surprised to hear that that’s what LOA is going to deliver “more of” – a lack of abundance! LOA will match the dominant thought or feeling implied in the question.

Arrrgh you might be thinking (with a hint of frustration?). Or ah-ha – (in a moment of enlightenment).

The “reality” is that we are already abundant. We have access to unlimited abundance. We have access to the power that creates world. We don’t need to “learn” how to be more abundant.

It’s this kind of subtle distinction that makes all the difference to what manifests in our life. It takes a degree of “effort” to examine the real thought or feeling behind a question like “How can I be more abundant?”  But the pay-off can be big-time.

So what’s a better question? Here are two…

“What am I defining abundance to be?” or “What are different ways that I can be abundant?”

Do you see how these questions reveal a different focus? Do you see how the second one in particular assumes that you’re already abundant and that you’re interested in expanding your current experience of abundance?

Now that kind of focus leads to a totally different result! It leads you in the direction you really do want to be going, doesn’t it?

So what are different ways in which you can experience abundance? Here are a few suggestions to get you in the flow (other than the most common definition of abundance – that of money):

  • someone gives you something
  • you find something
  • you get a great idea
  • a great feeling body
  • a clear mind
  • wonderful friendships or relationships
  • a beautiful scene
  • a smile from a stranger
  • a helpful shop assistant
  • a great meal
  • an easy flight

The gift of perspective

I’ve just listened to an interesting clip from Abraham-Hicks (link below) where Abe is talking to a man deeply entrenched in his pessimistic worldview. You can hear his sense of powerlessness – and anger – as he speaks. But Abraham reminds him – or more likely – the audience – that life is about choices – and perspectives. We get to choose what perspectives we hold.

It makes me appreciate the gift Abraham – and others like them – have given us – with their uplifting and empowering positive message (perspective) of life. We create (attract) the life we are living. For most, that attraction is unintentional. They’re not aware that their thoughts and emotions (aka their vibration) are contributing factors in what they are attracting.

Like many, I’ve had highs and lows in life – bouts of pessimism and gloom – as well and great optimism. Fortunately the optimism has prevailed. My natural sense of curiosity and enthusiasm have stood me in good stead.

More than anything else our attitude – and I include in ‘attitude’ – our thoughts and emotions – the way we react to life and events – our attitude is entirely in our control.  And depending on the attitude we choose – on a consistent basis – Law of Attraction (LOA) mirrors back to us “proof” of our attitude.

IOW – ‘we get what we expect’.  If we expect things to turn out well, then that’s what happens.  And conversely, if we expect things to turn out poorly – that’s also what happens.  This understanding – alone – is so tremendously powerful. Life is our mirror!

Law of Attraction is responding to us in every detail.  There are ‘no accidents’.  There are only perspectives – and choices. What choices are you making today? What attitude are you cultivating?

Listen to the Abraham-Hicks clip here.

What’s the secret to working successfully with LOA?

This is short… The secret to working successfully with Law of Attraction is “consistency”. What do I mean?

Well, we’ve all started things – new habits, new projects. But the key difference between someone who gets the results they want and someone who doesn’t – is follow through – keeping going – regular practice.

Daily practice is the key

“Daily practice” is what also makes the difference between seeing the results we want to manifest and seeing erratic results. It’s the daily practice – the daily rituals we set up for ourselves that remind us or alert us where we are “vibrationally speaking”.  They confirm when we are heading towards “good stuff” and they alert us when we are heading towards “unwanted stuff”.

Mental triggers

I find it very helpful to have 2-3 phrases – mental triggers –  that I can say to myself when I notice I’m moving in a negative direction – emotionally that is.  For example,

“I can choose what thought I think.”
“The more I think about it, the bigger it gets.”

I particularly love the second phrase, (“The more I think about it, the bigger it gets.”) because it gets to the heart of Law of Attraction so perfectly.

Another way of saying the same thing is:
Whatever we give our attention to, expands.
Whatever we think about regularly, becomes more noticeable in our lives.
Whatever we talk about a lot, materializes – becomes more noticeable –  in our experience.

By tending to how we are feeling throughout the day we develop a “consistent” practice that in time reaps rewards for us on all levels: peace of mind, a joyful heart, and manifestations to match. Without such consistency, however, the results we get are erratic and unsatisfying.

How can you develop a consistent practice with respect to Law of Attraction?