What station are you predominantly tuned to?

The concept of vibration has become mainstream in law of attraction teachings and discussions over the past five years or so. But what does it mean in practical terms? How do you know what your vibration is? How do you change it?

Radio or television analogy

Vibration refers to an energy pattern or frequency.  A wavelength. We understand the idea of radio frequencies or television broadcasts. Every time we listen to or watch a favorite radio or television program we adjust the tuner (or select the url) to receive the station or program we are interested in. Easy, isn’t it?

Well this analogy is a good one for understanding how we act as an energy tuner and attract the people and events that we do every day. How we tap into different frequencies or wavelengths through the thoughts and emotions we have.

Grey scale analogy

Think of a sliding scale with heavy negative emotions at one end and light positive emotions at the opposite end.  And in between there are literally hundreds of gradations.

It’s a bit like the grey scale in color theory. Black at one end and white at the opposite end. And in between a gradual shifting through the grey scale. Hundreds of shades of grey are possible.

An emotional grey scale

Well, we have an “emotional grey scale”.  Dark and light emotions at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. “Dark” emotions can quite literally feel “heavy” for many people: depression, despair, anger, rage, fear.

Mid range emotions include: Anxiety, worry, impatience, annoyance, wishing or hoping.
And light emotions include: calm, peaceful, being interested, curiosity, eagerness, enthusiasm, happiness, joy, appreciation, awe, wonder, bliss.

Can you see the progression from the “dark” to the very “light” emotions?  Do you sense your physical body becoming “lighter” as you move up the emotional scale? Hence expressions like “to feel light-hearted”. Feeling “light-hearted” has a distinct physiological effect in the body. Versus being in a “black mood” or a “dark mood”.

What is your dominant emotional state each day?

Our emotional state determines the vibration or frequency we are both tuned to and broadcasting. If you are feeling enthusiastic then you are “broadcasting” enthusiasm to the universe. And that’s what will come back to you through the people and events you encounter that day. That’s law of attraction in action. It matches your dominant state of being.

Quantum physics helps to explain how energy works in our life

Have you heard the expression “energy out equals energy back”? Or “what you put out you get back”?

Most people aren’t aware that this is a quite literal thing at an energetic level. You get what you think about – or how you feel – whether you like it or not. Whether you want it or not. There’s no judgement going on here. It’s plain physics. It’s energy “in motion”. Or as some say “e-motion”. It’s energy movement created by the way you feel and the thoughts you think.

Becoming a conscious creator of our life

The “work” for each of us wanting to create the life we prefer is to become more aware of the frequency we are emitting or broadcasting every day – and then learning to adjust the signal so that we receive the effects or results we prefer.  It’s about stepping outside our practiced “emotional comfort zones”.

That’s the ongoing “work” of personal development. Understanding how we create or attract what we do – and knowing how to adjust our frequency to change the results we are getting – until we are living the life we prefer.

It takes practice. Daily practice. With awareness and practice it gets easier and easier. We learn to fine tune. We become masters at harnessing and directing energy. We become deliberate attractors. We understand why we get what we get in our life. And we are able to adjust the “effects” accordingly.

That’s where meditation or other relaxation practices are important tools for helping us to “re-tune” our emotions. To re-tune our thoughts. To press the “reset button” – energetically speaking. To quiet the mind.  To press the “emotion reset button”.

In a future post I will discuss the role habits play in our energy broadcast.