Are you refueling emotionally every day?

We know the importance of refueling our physical body everyday. Food and water are essential for life. But arguably even more importantly, we need to “re-fuel emotionally” every day as well.

What does it mean to “re-fuel emotionally”? And why every day?

Refueling emotionally is an opportunity to reconnect with our own internal resources. To re-balance emotionally. To find a place of centered calm. It’s a way to release the noise and mayhem of daily life – work, relationships, social media, obligations – and go within.  To be silent, quiet for a while.  With practice, 10-15 minutes can be long enough.

The intimate connection between our emotional state of being and our physical well being – health –  is well documented  Emotional well being impacts every area of our life.

When we feel relaxed, happy we move through the day in a completely different way to when we feel under the pump, frazzled, stressed.

Stress is primarily an emotional condition. And it is reflected in the body’s reaction for “fight or flight” responses to external reality. Stress is a significant precursor to illness, accidents, and a myriad of other problems.

Why do we need to refuel emotionally everyday?

If we practice any skill it becomes easier to do. It becomes a part of our natural repertoire – our natural skill set. If we practice the art of becoming centered, calm, relaxed, then if we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it’s easier to reclaim our calm and then look the problem situation. The results we get will be completely different. Top sports people and other elite performers know the difference of being “in the zone” as opposed to being on the “raw and ragged edge”. And it starts with emotional mastery. The ability to be able to quickly re-balance emotionally.

“What you put out you get back”

Find a range of ways you can start your day on a positive note. Start relaxed and in tune with your true nature, and watch the difference as your day unfolds.