Join 110 World-Renowned Teachers in this FREE Online Event

Join 110 world-renowned teachers in this FREE online event as they guide you step-by-step to improve all areas of your life!

HayHouseEvent-June 1st

Louise Hay of Hay House Publications is a pioneer in the area of promoting the best self-help teachers in the world. Louise is a living example of someone who has experienced great challenges in her personal life and has found ways to rise above such limitations. She is down-to-earth in her philosophy.

The central message she teaches is one of learning “self acceptance” – learning to love and appreciate ourselves. Accepting our innate value and worthiness – as a “given”. We ARE already totally valued, loved, and worthy. There’s “nothing to prove”.

And once we really let this truth into our consciousness – once we really accept it – then we begin to see our life transform.

Is it easy?

For most – no.

Why not?

Years of counter conditioning by society, family, schooling, the media and so forth.

Is it worth it?

If you want to be the person you have the potential to be – you have “no choice” – than to accept your innate value, goodness and worthiness.  To do less, will only hold you down and back. And you will never be truly satisfied or happy. There will be an inner hunger you can never satisfy with material possessions and achievements alone.

Change starts from within. Tap into more of your power.

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