The most important key to success?

Recall a time in the past 2-3 weeks where you succeeded in doing something that you felt good about. It can be simple or more complex. For example buying an item – a new outfit, a new suitcase, a desk. Cooking a new dish. Getting a new job. Finding information for a project or your job. Arranging an important meeting. Giving a presentation at work or to a client. Designing a new house or bridge or high rise building.

What do you think contributed to your success – that you had control over?

What I’m suggesting here is that we can control what goes on in our mind and heart. But we can’t control what goes on around us – other people, events. Although we can control our reaction to what goes on around us…..but that’s another discussion.

Listen to your self talk

Listen to yourself or anyone who succeeds at anything. Are you thinking about or talking about how difficult or impossible it is to do? How unsuited you are? How unlikely you are to succeed? No. The opposite.
You are confident.
You tell yourself things like:

“This is easy.”
“I can do this.”
“I’m sure I can find a way to do this”
“Other people have done this, so that means I can do it too.”
“This is exciting.”
“This is going to be great”
“I’m looking forward to a great outcome.”

Your mindset acts like a filter

From a positive mindset – attitude – you see and hear and find the answers you need to succeed. A positive mindset “opens” you to answers and solutions. A “negative” mindset “closes” you off.

Your attitude or internal state of being (what you are thinking or how you are feeling) acts like a filter – only allowing matching information to come to you.

Once you understand that you control your success by your attitude or mindset or thinking or expectations – then you are in the “driver’s seat” – so to speak. You know you can adjust the results you get in life by adjusting what you choose to think.


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