What station are you predominantly tuned to?

The concept of vibration has become mainstream in law of attraction teachings and discussions over the past five years or so. But what does it mean in practical terms? How do you know what your vibration is? How do you change it?

Radio or television analogy

Vibration refers to an energy pattern or frequency.  A wavelength. We understand the idea of radio frequencies or television broadcasts. Every time we listen to or watch a favorite radio or television program we adjust the tuner (or select the url) to receive the station or program we are interested in. Easy, isn’t it?

Well this analogy is a good one for understanding how we act as an energy tuner and attract the people and events that we do every day. How we tap into different frequencies or wavelengths through the thoughts and emotions we have.

Grey scale analogy

Think of a sliding scale with heavy negative emotions at one end and light positive emotions at the opposite end.  And in between there are literally hundreds of gradations.

It’s a bit like the grey scale in color theory. Black at one end and white at the opposite end. And in between a gradual shifting through the grey scale. Hundreds of shades of grey are possible.

An emotional grey scale

Well, we have an “emotional grey scale”.  Dark and light emotions at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. “Dark” emotions can quite literally feel “heavy” for many people: depression, despair, anger, rage, fear.

Mid range emotions include: Anxiety, worry, impatience, annoyance, wishing or hoping.
And light emotions include: calm, peaceful, being interested, curiosity, eagerness, enthusiasm, happiness, joy, appreciation, awe, wonder, bliss.

Can you see the progression from the “dark” to the very “light” emotions?  Do you sense your physical body becoming “lighter” as you move up the emotional scale? Hence expressions like “to feel light-hearted”. Feeling “light-hearted” has a distinct physiological effect in the body. Versus being in a “black mood” or a “dark mood”.

What is your dominant emotional state each day?

Our emotional state determines the vibration or frequency we are both tuned to and broadcasting. If you are feeling enthusiastic then you are “broadcasting” enthusiasm to the universe. And that’s what will come back to you through the people and events you encounter that day. That’s law of attraction in action. It matches your dominant state of being.

Quantum physics helps to explain how energy works in our life

Have you heard the expression “energy out equals energy back”? Or “what you put out you get back”?

Most people aren’t aware that this is a quite literal thing at an energetic level. You get what you think about – or how you feel – whether you like it or not. Whether you want it or not. There’s no judgement going on here. It’s plain physics. It’s energy “in motion”. Or as some say “e-motion”. It’s energy movement created by the way you feel and the thoughts you think.

Becoming a conscious creator of our life

The “work” for each of us wanting to create the life we prefer is to become more aware of the frequency we are emitting or broadcasting every day – and then learning to adjust the signal so that we receive the effects or results we prefer.  It’s about stepping outside our practiced “emotional comfort zones”.

That’s the ongoing “work” of personal development. Understanding how we create or attract what we do – and knowing how to adjust our frequency to change the results we are getting – until we are living the life we prefer.

It takes practice. Daily practice. With awareness and practice it gets easier and easier. We learn to fine tune. We become masters at harnessing and directing energy. We become deliberate attractors. We understand why we get what we get in our life. And we are able to adjust the “effects” accordingly.

That’s where meditation or other relaxation practices are important tools for helping us to “re-tune” our emotions. To re-tune our thoughts. To press the “reset button” – energetically speaking. To quiet the mind.  To press the “emotion reset button”.

In a future post I will discuss the role habits play in our energy broadcast.


Managing your vibration is like cleaning your teeth

clean-teeth1How so you ask?

Because it’s something that you need to “do every day”! If you skip a day or so – then your reality begins to mirror back to you your “lack of attention”.

Yes, on one level it can seem tedious – but that’s the way it is.  Your vibration is a living, breathing force-field that emanates from your being.

What you choose to think about – what you choose to focus on – and pay attention to – shapes your vibration – for “better or worse”.

Just as plaque will accumulate on your teeth if you don’t brush and floss every day, so too negative thinking and emotions “accumulate” in your energy field (force-field) to a point where you begin to see unwanted “physical evidence” around you.

What form does this “evidence take?

The interactions you have with others and what they say to you – is always an instant clue.  The kinds of events you encounter is another good clue.

In my experience, when I begin noticing “unwanted” stuff in my life, it’s usually because I’ve become somewhat complacent with respect to my vibration.  I’ve let my attention go to “unwanted” stuff – and allowed myself to think and chew over it.

Fortunately these days I understand that “my vibration” is the basis for all things that come into my experience – both good and bad.  And I  know how to “pattern interrupt” an emerging negative tide.

This was brought home to me today – when I saw a young woman venting her anger at someone she was contacting on the phone (tele-sales). She had no idea that the person she was interacting with matched her own vibration at some level. Like most people, she believes that life is happening “outside of her” – that she is at the “effect” (mercy) of people and events. She doesn’t know that it’s an “inside job”.

Her attitude is very common and comes from a place of disempowerment.  I’s no wonder that people “lash out” in their sense of powerlessness.

Your vibration is the key

vibration1One of the greatest “gifts” about learning about how Law of Attraction (vibration) “works” in your life, is that once you “get it” – then you reclaim your personal power.  You realize that you are in control because you are the one who chooses what you focus on (give your attention to).

The more you practice being in positive states of being and actively choosing what you give your attention to – the more you feel empowered because you get to see those positive states played out in your life and experience very quickly.

Developing your mental muscles

I’m not going to say that it’s “easy”.  It does take practice to develop new “mental muscles” – new mental / emotional habits and responses –  when you may have spent years with counter productive habits (blaming others, the world, etc). But it’s certainly worth the effort because of the improved quality of life that results if you do.  And in time, it becomes fun to catch yourself  “in the act” – and to recalibrate (adjust) your vibration in an upward direction. Very empowering.

You get what you expect – period

You get what you expect – period!! I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “you get what you expect”.

In fact it’s pretty well accepted when teaching young children – or teenagers – or adults –  that they rise or fall to the level of expectation of their teachers or parents or managers. How is this so?

Let’s look at it from a Law of Attraction perspective. What you think about – what you talk about – what you ponder or dwell on – becomes your “point of attraction’. That’s where your energy is.

Your thoughts establish your “point of attraction”.  And – one way of knowing what your point of attraction is – at any time – to tune into how you’re feeling (see end of post for more on this – ** The thought-emotion link).

The main thesis of this post is – “you get what you expect”.  If you expect a partner or friend or colleague to behave in a positive way – then – voila – that’s the vibration you’re “putting out” – that’s the vibration that LOA is going to respond to – and that’s the type of behavior (from others) that you’re gong to experience in your life. Their behavior (good and bad – desirable or undesirable) will “match” your expectations (what you think will or won’t happen).

It has nothing to do with what others are “doing”.  Sorry! It hasn’t. You can say it does.  You can pretend it does.  But it doesn’t.  It’s all about YOU/ US. It’s all about our own vibration.  It’s all about where we are focusing – where – or what we are paying attention to. The bottom line is that we control the types of people (their behaviors) that we “rendezvous” with. That can be either “good news” or “bad news” when you finally accept it.

The challenge is to “give up” our current point of view – how we are seeing others and our reality right now (if it’s not what we prefer) – and to lightly shift our focus – to the reality we prefer.  And when we’re “ready” – we will actually do this. We will do it when “being right” is less important than “:being happy”.  But that’s the subject of another post 🙂

** The thought-emotion link

Your thoughts trigger corresponding emotions. How you’re feeling – your emotional state of being – is the easiest way of figuring out your “point of attraction”. It’s “easy” – once you’ve learnt to do this. You can learn to recognize – in a twinkling of the eye –  if you’re feeling good or if you’re “not feeling good”. “Not good” translates into feeling states like “uncomfortable, impatient, anxious, critical, fearful” and so forth. There’s usually some degree of tension or discomfort present.

By contrast “feeling good” states include states like:feeling relaxed, comfortable, having positive expectations, feeling at peace with yourself, peaceful, happy, and so forth.

The gift of perspective

I’ve just listened to an interesting clip from Abraham-Hicks (link below) where Abe is talking to a man deeply entrenched in his pessimistic worldview. You can hear his sense of powerlessness – and anger – as he speaks. But Abraham reminds him – or more likely – the audience – that life is about choices – and perspectives. We get to choose what perspectives we hold.

It makes me appreciate the gift Abraham – and others like them – have given us – with their uplifting and empowering positive message (perspective) of life. We create (attract) the life we are living. For most, that attraction is unintentional. They’re not aware that their thoughts and emotions (aka their vibration) are contributing factors in what they are attracting.

Like many, I’ve had highs and lows in life – bouts of pessimism and gloom – as well and great optimism. Fortunately the optimism has prevailed. My natural sense of curiosity and enthusiasm have stood me in good stead.

More than anything else our attitude – and I include in ‘attitude’ – our thoughts and emotions – the way we react to life and events – our attitude is entirely in our control.  And depending on the attitude we choose – on a consistent basis – Law of Attraction (LOA) mirrors back to us “proof” of our attitude.

IOW – ‘we get what we expect’.  If we expect things to turn out well, then that’s what happens.  And conversely, if we expect things to turn out poorly – that’s also what happens.  This understanding – alone – is so tremendously powerful. Life is our mirror!

Law of Attraction is responding to us in every detail.  There are ‘no accidents’.  There are only perspectives – and choices. What choices are you making today? What attitude are you cultivating?

Listen to the Abraham-Hicks clip here.

Inspirational moments

There is no faster way to lift your mood – or mental state or vibration – than being in the presence of “beauty”.  Beauty comes in many forms: music, artworks, people, nature and animals, architecture, design – are some that come to mind right now.

The work of Norwegian artist Tone Aanderaa is uplifting and inspirational. Enjoy an inspirational moment here.

The power of beauty to transform your life

I was listening to ABC Classic FM Radio and the presenter mentioned that the famous art critic  Robert Hughes has just passed away. Robert Hughes was an Australian-born art critic, writer and television documentary maker.

One of the ‘themes’ that he referred to in his work in the world of art was that of ‘beauty’ and it’s importance as a source of inspiration.

Beauty has power

From a Law of Attraction point of view every time we focus on something beautiful – be that an artwork, music, a natural scene, another person – we immediately (and easily) lift or elevate our state of being (our vibration).

Looking for and appreciating anything of ‘beauty’ is a fast track way to improve how we feel and in so doing improve – without effort – our point of attraction.

Being aware of our point of attraction is an on-going activity

Being aware of our point of attraction is an on-going activity – not a one-off thing.  This is something that I’ve become very aware of myself – to tend to my state of being every day.  It’s very easy to slip back into old patterns of response when we look at things – or think about things – we don’t like or want in our life. But from a LOA perspective – where we put our focus or attention – or let it go to (by default) – that becomes our ‘new’ point of attraction in that moment.  And it’s up to us to decide if that’s the general direction we want to move towards.

Focus amplifies our point of attraction

Again, from a Law of Attraction perspective, our focus plus the emotional response we have – as we think about or observe something or someone – amplifies our point of attraction.This applies to everyone – regardless of whether or not they know about – or believe in – Law of Attraction. And every single one of us is learning to harness and direct energy – in the form of our thoughts and feelings.  We’re learning that we create with energy.  We’re learning that thoughts and feelings – the world of the unseen – is the precursor of the seen world of manifestation.

Tuning into high moving energies

And ‘beauty’ is a focal point that’s easy to tune to.  It’s an easy way to feel good within moments – as we contemplate something ‘beautiful’. Beauty, love, and appreciation, are high moving energies that tune us to our true nature.  Understanding that ‘beauty’ is a tool that we can apply every day – as we look at a sunrise or sunset, a flower or plant, or a natural scene – whether it is actually in our experience or whether we are looking at a video or a movie or a photograph – or simply imagining or remembering something of ‘beauty’.

Robert Hughes no doubt experienced the great positive power of ‘beauty’ in the course of his life’s work.  And he inspired many others to do likewise. We too can utilize the power of beauty in our life.

The benefits and joy of understanding how law of attraction works in your life

When you’re new to the topic of Law of Attraction it’s like any other new subject.  There are concepts, ideas and language that you may not be familiar with. Then once you start consciously applying what you’re learning you see mixed results.  That’s when it’s a great advantage to have access to a coach or mentor who can answer your questions and provide feedback on the “results” you’re getting as you apply your LOA insights.

I’ve been studying LOA specifically for more than five years now (and self help for 20 years). Over time I can see there are a number of core LOA principles that play out in every area of our life – be that money, relationships, health or work.

LOA is “neutral”. It’s doesn’t have an opinion or make any judgments about our vibration. Just like the law of gravity is neutral. It operates whether we know that such a law exists or not. Why is this important to know? Because it’s easy to beat up on yourself sometimes  – when you don’t get the “results” you thought you “should”. But just as you don’t get upset when you let go of an object and it falls to the ground because you know that “that’s how gravity works”.  Things fall to the ground.  No point in getting upset when they do. This same principle applies to law of attraction. It just is. It matches vibration – period.

This may sound a trite analogy – but believe me – it’s very common for people to get angry with themselves or with the “universe” or LOA because things aren’t manifesting as they hoped or expected.

So what to do about it? The most useful response you can have is to realize and acknowledge that everything in your life is a form of “feedback”.  What do I mean?  Everything?  Yes everything – the people, their reactions, the things, the events, and so on – are all just “feedback” for you regarding your “current dominant vibration”.  In other words, whatever the “sum” is of your vibration – whatever mix you have going on in terms of positive and negative thinking and reactions (feelings) – that equals the sum of your “current dominant vibration”.

Let me emphasize the words “current dominant vibration”. That’s quite literal.  That’s in present time.  Right now. This very moment.

And that’s also good news. Why?  Because it means that you can change your “current dominant vibration” in a twinkling of the eye – as it were.  How?  By choosing a new thought. By choosing a different topic or subject to look at or talk about or think about.  By doing something different – to distract yourself from the “old topic”.

The more I apply and make the connection between “what I’m thinking and feeling right now and what’s manifesting are directly related” – the more exciting this whole game of life is becoming.

You – me – everyone.  We are all the creators of our individual life and experiences in every detail – quite literally.  Now we don’t need to know the mechanics of how this happens – after all – that’s the job of Law of Attraction – it tends to that.  Just as we don’t need to know how a car functions mechanically – in order to drive one.

But we do need to understand certain basics about “driving” or “directing” LOA.  The primary basics are:

– our thoughts and feelings (aka vibration) determine the nature of our experience 

– law of attraction matches our vibration with absolute “neutrality”

– we each have control of our thoughts and feelings

It may take some practice on certain bothersome topics – but it’s “do-able”.  It can be changed.  And if you’re willing to make the connection between “what’s manifesting and what you’re thinking and feeling” – then it gets a lot easier and makes more sense as you consciously apply this in your life.