A positive attitude – what kids show us

Yesterday I was visiting a friend who lives on a 40 acre block on the Sunshine Coast near Nambour, Qld. While I was there his new neighbors dropped in with three young children (6, 5, 2 years old respectively) in tow.

I’m always intrigued watching children of this age respond to a new environment. The first thing that was noticeable to me was the immediate “lift” in the surrounding energy as the children pounced on their “new find” and set about exploring every nook and cranny for things to play with, test and destroy.  They were fully engaged in the present moment, scampering about with barely contained excitement fully expecting to discover new surprises… and they did – aplenty.

I couldn’t help thinking that this is what most adults have lost or forgotten. That zest and enthusiasm for the present moment; fully engaged and anticipating “good stuff” just around the corner.

Yet this is what makes all the difference between a life that we enjoy and look forward to each day versus a life that is a drudgery.  Attitude.  Pure and simple…. an attitude.  A point of view.  A perspective that chooses – or at least is willing to practice choosing – to see that there’s a lot to be thankful for and a lot to explore – right under our nose.

Kids can be the very best role models we have. And seeing the world through the eyes of a child is a magical lens for viewing life.