Why learning to exercise mind control is so important to your happiness

Learning to exercise “mind control” is a vital skill in the repertoire of every conscious reality creator.

There is no avoiding it.  If you don’t take control of what’s running in your head – your mind – then you aren’t going to like the kinds of people and events that pop up in your experience.  You’re going to feel as if you are at the mercy of fate.  At the mercy of your boss. Or your partner or your kids. Or the government. Or of global economic conditions. Or the weather.  The list goes on…

Bottomline – take control of your thinking and you take control of your life.

Here’s a great Q&A from Abraham Hicks on the subject of mind control.




How singing is linked to mind power

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know that most of the posts talk about – in one way or another – ways that you can enhance your life – specifically-  by becoming more aware of the amazing power of your mind.

Mind power

Understanding your mind and how it works is like having access to your own treasure trove. Relaxation and focus are two vital skills you need in order to craft the life of your dreams.

How singing can be so beneficial

Today I’m looking at how singing can be so beneficial for inducing a positive mental state.  I’ve been researching the benefits of “diaphragmatic breathing” for singers.  Not only does it improve the quality of your voice – how it sounds – but deep breathing has a range of other wonderful benefits.

It calms the nervous system, reduces blood pressure, relaxes the body, and increases oxygen to the organs. By consciously focusing on the breath you can quiet the mind and improve concentration.

Source: John Gull

You can read more about the benefits of singing by visiting this site.