What is the link between mind power and your happiness?

Mind power is about using the power of your mind – the power of thought – to manifest your reality. It’s about being proactive, rather than reacting to life. Understanding the connection between what you think and feel and what turns up in your experience is at the heart of learning to create the reality you prefer.

Understanding the mind, is a science, in the sense that you need to approach it with the same diligence that you might approach any subject worth mastering. It requires a conscious understanding and even more importantly, it requires practice. To get the results you want, you must practice what you learn.  You must be passionate.  You must experiment.  You must be willing to make ‘mistakes’. You must believe in yourself and your ability to gain mastery.  Self belief is paramount.

Just as a top athlete needs to have a conscious understanding of technique: when and how to use different strategies – they also need to practice until they have internalized that knowledge and it appears easy, seamless, effortless.  The same applies to the “science of mind” practitioner.  It’s a blend of knowing “how to” as well as “being able to”.

This blog explores ways you can do this with the greatest ease. How you can create the life and happiness you really want.